PDA & WAP Support

Dear Readers,
Over the past few months I have noticed that there are a few of you out there who ready my site using either a PDA or a WAP browser on your mobile phone, i’ve tried to do the same myself and have discovered that either the pages don’t load properly or there are too many images or banners to load the page at all due to the cache on pda or mobile becoming full.
In order to make my blog/journal more accessable to mobile readers I have created a template purely for readers using PDA’s or Mobiles the page is a plain text version of my blog/journal so it should load quckly.
The new PDA/Mobile page can be accessed at http://www.puerilis.co.uk/pda.html.
I would like some feed back on the page so if you can email with some details like, type of device, did the page load, was the page readable, i will try to fix any bugs that might pop up.
On a lighter note, someone Buy me a DVD please.

1 thought on “PDA & WAP Support

  1. Hi I just accessed your site from my cellular phone. But I am not sure what browser this is. It looks good! no error messages at all. Have a great day!

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