Turn A Laptop LCD into a PC LCD

Okay this is what you need to do in order to make your laptop LCD into a PC LCD.

  • Dismantle the laptop slowly & carefully by removing all of the screws in the casing


  • Once the screws are out the laptop should start to separate and you are able to disassemble the LCD from its casing and carefully unplug any cables from the  main board.

  • On the back on the screen there will be a model number like this


  • Now the next part requires a little research on the internet, using google seach for the model number that is on the back of the LCD panel, you are looking for a datasheet for the LCD so try using the search term ” <model number> datasheet” so for my LCD panel I searched for “LQ170M1LA4B datasheet” most of the sites that have the datasheets are in china and they will have an email link to request the datasheet.



  • Once you have your datasheet you will contact http://www.njytouch.com or email them at sales@njytouch.com asking if they have a suitable controller card for your LCD screen and attach the datasheet for your panel.


  • After a few days (giving time for time zone difference) you hopefully will get an email from them with information on a compatible LCD controller board such as this


Updated 26 march 2011

  • The controller kit came today, on the left is the back light inverter, in the middle is the power button and control board and on the right is the main converter board, I connected the LCD to the board and it all worked, now to build the housing …..TBC….

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