Hello All

Hello Folks


If anyone was wondering what has happened to me and this site well its a combination of  things really, I have very little to blog about, I dont get a lot of time to myself but what really pissed me off what my website hosting company Heart Internet,

  1. They introduced “features” such as auto lockout of my FTP account every 30 days which you cant turn off, if you have a static IP then you can enter that to keep it unlocked but I don’t have a static address and often work between 3 different locations so my IP could be one of 3 at any one time
  2. Their prepacked site applications seem to have security weaknesses which allow java code injections into html & php pages, I have had to completely download my site  times and manually remove the code from all content and to be honest i cant be arsed anymore.
  3.   when i raised a ticket about default site icons missing ( little yellow folder images for directory and so on ) they said “cant find this setup on any other account so its not a fault”
  4. site performance is patchy at best, i have another domain with a very similar setup to here and it out performs this site.

If anyone wants to keep in touch you are best off contacting me on facebook


House of commons

house of commons

They want a 15% pay rise
They claim for food and drink
They claim for travel expenses
They claim for second homes
They claim for decorating
They claim for gardening
They claim for furniture
They claim for office stationary
They claim for council tax
They claim for house hold bills
They will claim for anything they can !!


Hello All

yes I did a boo boo and messed up my entire site while testing a new site template, I’ve had to do a clean installation of wordpress then extract all my previous posts from the old SQL database then import them back into this new installation, sadly all previous comments have been lost and there are a few broken images here and there but since my webhost doesn’t give me the option to automate a SQL or file backup’s i had nothing to restore the site with, i think i will be emailing the tech support team for their “advice”.

Other news, Yes i am still alive, the past 10 days I have been suffering with tonsillitis which was pretty nasty, I had a bad fever for 3-4 days which finally went away after 3 days of 2grams of antibiotics & 600mg of ibuprofen per day, I think as I get older the tonsillitis really gets me down, I am normally a very active person so being stuck in bed for most of 10 days really started getting to me.

Gaming News: anyone playing “Feed the Beast“, its a version of Minecraft but its fab, if anyone wants to play and already has a mine craft account let me know and I’ll add you to my server.

Best wishes to all, James

Edit 9:14 pm 10 may: All comments and categories have been restored