First Post Of 2012

Yeah yeah I know, where have I been, well I am still here, still alive, been busy with a mixture of work, dieting, playing saints row the 3rd, secondlife and now minecraft.

I finally bought the new NAS (network attached storage) unit I was after and transferred all my stuff to it, that took longer than expected.

My plan for the year is to convert all of my DVD’s to electronic format such as divx or m4v but am undecided on which format to go with, I don’s want to have to install special players or codec’s just to watch a movie so the m4v format just seems to work with most movie players.

I am also looking out for some new movies to watch, I love science fiction and I have stuff like Stargate, Starwars, Star trek, but its the scifi anime that really gets my attention, I’ve recently watched “Black Butler” which is so dam funny, but I keep finding myself watching stuff like Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex which is more scifi / cyborg stuff, if you can think of any dvd’s titles that I might like then please put the name & link in the comments.

I am still waiting for BT (telephone provider) to install their new BT infinity in my area, at the moment the best I can get is about 15mb down & 0.5mb up, BT infinity advertise “up to 40mb down and 8up” even if i can only get something like 35mb down and 7up I would be far better off than I am now paying £16 for a 2mb connection, plus it gives me more scope to work from home and to do online gaming.

Enough waffle for now, peace to you all.