BT Infinity Almost Here

According to the BT website my local BT exchange will be upgraded to allow BT Infinity broadband on the 31st March 2012.

BT Infinity broadband is the new faster broad band service from BT offering and its not just an ADSL line, its a fibre connection offering up to 40MB download and 10MB upload speeds.

At the moment I am with “Pipex” but “Pipex” doesnt really exist anymore since  Pipex sold its broadband and phone business to Italian rival Tiscali then Pipex UK Limited became a TalkTalk Group company and since then in my opinion their service has gone down hill, I am currently paying £19.99 for a 2MB service which every week dies at midnight, every time I speak to their so called “support” staff they try to  fobbed me off with the usual “have you checked you PC for viruses”, “have you changed something”, all they do is read from a script, they certainly do not offer an value for money and I have not been offered any upgrades or discounts so it’s two fingers up at “Pipex” from the 31st March 2012 and hello BT Infinity.