I’m Back

I’m back, and no it wasn’t my fault this time, my ISP decided to do some maintenance work which I gather screwed up a bit, from what I could understand from the support “person” was that they had changed from a BT supplied link circuit to there own one but it seems that someone forgot to migrate a few customers so we where left connect to the old link, which I presume that they had disconnected.
Anyway after a lot of complaining I demanded that they raise a formal complaint and told them that I was disgusted with the lack of professional care.
Oh well never mind, it’s fixed now.
While I’m on topic of this website I thought that I would mention that I am looking into hosting my site with an external company, its times like today that I wish that I had done this a long time ago but knowing how fussy, it hasn’t been possible until now. I have managed to find a UK company that provides most of what I want but I am in the middle of clarifying a few minor details with the company, as by default they don’t support MT but after talking to one of the tech support guys via email they seem to think that I should be able to install MT into my own CGI area but I have emailed them a list of what Perl modules I require before going ahead with the hosting.
Stay tuned for more info.