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Take That: ‘Williams can join us for a song’

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Boyband Take That are thrilled to be touring again next year with or without Robbie Williams
– but they insist he is welcome to join them for a song if he feels the urge.
The remaining foursome – Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald
– will tour major UK stadiums for the reunion which marks 10 years since their split.
Even though Williams refused to rejoin the band which rocketed him to fame, he is starting to feel left out.
Orange says, “I spoke to Robbie a couple of times last week, he’s delighted for us and, I think, a bit wistful.”
Owen adds, “If he wants to come up and sing a song, he’s more than welcome.”

As if Robbie Williams would return to that bunch of washed out wannabe’s.
Source: http://uk.news.yahoo.com